participatory budgeting process for youth Com'ON Cluj-Napoca
- 2024 edition -



Com'ON's mission is to strengthen the role of young people and informal groups formed by them in changing society in a sustainable, inclusive and responsible way, and to expand how young people are supported by the city and citizens.

The whole cycle of this edition runs from 19 July to 30 November 2024, starting with the call for ideas development and submission and ending with the last activity supported by this participatory programme.

1.1 What does LET'S DO WELL TOGETHER mean to us?

In 2024, Com'ON Cluj-Napoca continues to be organised around the slogan LET'S DO WELL TOGETHER - focusing on the well-being, quality of community life, learning and future prospects of young people as well as civic participation of community members in the life of the city, all of which can be improved by ideas from young people and implemented by young people.

The quality of community life has always been important, but it is essential in these times, which are still atypical. There is a need for new ways of thinking, for innovation and for approaching the people and communities of Cluj-Napoca in a new light.

Read more about the Com'ON Cluj-Napoca context HERE.

1.2 Who can propose and implement ideas? To whom are these ideas addressed?

Participation is open to any informal group of at least 3 young people living, studying or working in Cluj-Napoca, aged between 14 and 35. There are no restrictions regarding education/experience, gender, ethnicity etc.

Only ideas submitted as a team are accepted. A team (a group of young people) with the same name, and with the same members, can propose as many different ideas as they like, but a maximum of 2 ideas will be awarded if they qualify in terms of number of votes.

Eligible activities for Com'ON Cluj-Napoca 2024 must be related to the theme presented above. Also, young people's ideas must be aimed at the people of Cluj, but otherwise there are no restrictions as to where they can take place and the implementation period must respect the timetable.

1.3 What is the calendar for the 2024 edition of Com'ON Cluj-Napoca?

The estimated timetable is as follows:



19 July

Launch of the call for ideas

23 July - 15 September, until 23:59

Proposal and idea submission period

16-18 September

Technical evaluation of ideas

19 September - 3 October

Conduct of the vote and announcement of the order of ideas following the vote

4 October - 30 November

Implementing and reporting on financially supported ideas

The timing of the stages after the idea submission period is subject to change by the organisers. Any such changes will be announced via the website and complementary communication tools.


1.4 Which aspects should be considered for the ideas proposed for Com'ON Cluj-Napoca

The organisers recommend that proposed ideas take into account the following aspects:

  • Com'ON Cluj-Napoca aims to support those types of ideas that can bring a change for the better in the community and that start from a clearly identified need among the local community and especially among young people;
  • the approaches proposed by the informal youth groups aim to involve the entire community of Cluj, involving young people from various socio-cultural groups and age groups;
  • the ideas will be implemented exclusively in Cluj-Napoca;
  • ideas to be developed in Cluj neighbourhoods (outside the city centre) are encouraged;
  • ideas developed online are allowed, as long as they are addressed to the people of Cluj-Napoca;
  • Ideas for display in various spaces or for creating/regenerating products and solutions are allowed, as long as they are not for sale;
  • ideas that impose a financial barrier to entry for participants (e.g. ticket, participation fee) will not be supported. Access to the activities of the proposed ideas will be free for the public;
  • ideas that respond in an innovative way to identified community needs are encouraged;
  • the projects allow for clear, visible results that can also have a long-term impact;
  • the ideas provide safe leisure time conditions for members of the Cluj community;
  • ideas identify and mobilise other resources (financial and non-financial) in the community.


1.5 What ideas cannot be supported?

In order to respect both the principles of this approach and the legislation in force, certain categories of ideas and/or expenditure cannot be funded under the project:

  • ideas that do not fit into the objectives and activities of this participatory approach;
  • ideas that are not based on the standard competition form;
  • individual funding applications (e.g. scholarships, travel sponsorships);
  • ideas which, by their nature, are traditionally carried out/organised by other entities organised in legal forms (organisations, companies, etc.);
  • loans, retroactive expenditure of completed or ongoing ideas and activities;
  • political ideas;
  • ideas that incite xenophobia, racism, violence, hatred;
  • ideas with a discriminatory message towards certain social/ethnic groups etc.;
  • ideas that encourage alcohol/drug use;
  • ideas initiated/implemented by age groups other than 14-35.

All ideas proposed in this exercise will be checked against these conditions before being put to a public vote.


1.6 What are special categories of young people and how do they work?

We want to pay special attention to young people with fewer opportunities to encourage their attendance in the programme.

The special category of youth groups with fewer opportunities refers to the background and current status of the youth group members, and not to the target group addressed by their idea. In order to be considered a low opportunity youth group, all members must belong to this special category.

The coordinators of Com'ON Cluj-Napoca will identify the groups that correspond to this category based on the information provided on certain possible situations faced by the young people who apply on the platform at the time of registration.

However, as a general principle, all youth groups are recommended to involve young people from disadvantaged groups in their work as far as possible.

Five ideas will be awarded for the young people with fewer opportunities category. Prizes will be awarded in all cases on the basis of the number of votes.

If an idea in the special categories receives a number of votes that makes it eligible for an award, then the idea will not be counted as part of the 10 that will be awarded through the special categories budget.

If any of the places allocated to the two categories remain unallocated due to a lack of initiators for them or their being awarded outside the special list, the remaining places shall be redistributed to the other competing ideas in descending order of the number of votes.



2.1 Enrolment in the programme

Entry to the first stage of the competition is by completing and uploading an online idea form via the website. There is no maximum limit to the number of ideas that can be submitted from the same group of young people, but a maximum of 2 of these ideas can be awarded prizes, in descending order of the number of votes. For each idea a separate form will be filled in within the application system on the website  

Each idea will be officially registered in Romanian. There is the possibility to upload a short description in English and/or Hungarian on the platform. If needed, the Com'ON Cluj-Napoca Facilitators Group can provide assistance in adapting the Romanian language descriptions for informal groups belonging to national minorities or international citizen communities in Cluj-Napoca (in order to facilitate access to the approach, the rules and the official proposal form can also be downloaded in Hungarian and English).

If there is a difficulty for a group of young people to access digital tools or the internet (a form of reduced opportunity or disability), Com'ON Cluj-Napoca facilitators will provide assistance in uploading idea plans to the online system.

Community facilitators involved in the approach can be contacted in person, by phone or online through the methods outlined on the website.

2.2 The budget of an idea

Maximum prize for an idea

The youth group can propose an idea with a maximum budget of 9.000 lei. The prize received through Com'ON Cluj-Napoca will be a maximum of 4,500 lei for an idea. There is no minimum limit for the prize for an idea. A maximum of 2 ideas from the same group of young people with the same membership can be awarded in descending order of votes.

PLEASE NOTE: If the idea has a budget of more than 4,500 lei, it is the responsibility of the youth group to provide matching funds above this limit. Co-financing is not compulsory for the proposal and implementation of the idea and participation in the programme.

Types of costs accepted

The costs submitted by the youth group must be consistent with the activities proposed by the description provided in the form. If needed, the facilitators will be able to assist youth groups in their budget planning before the deadline for online submission of the idea forms.

List of ineligible expenditure

  • alcohol, tobacco;
  • land purchases;
  • vehicle purchases;
  • telephone subscriptions;
  • other purchases of equipment or inventory;
  • salaries or any other income of youth group members for their membership of the group.

2.3 Offline form template

Download HERE the offline form.

IMPORTANT: This form serves as an offline tool for developing ideas. An idea is only valid if submitted online via the website If there is a difficulty for a group of young people to access digital tools or the internet (a form of reduced opportunity or disability), Com'ON Cluj-Napoca facilitators will provide assistance in uploading idea plans to the online system.

2.4 Technical verification

The verification will take place both during the period of preparation of the idea forms and after the deadline for submission of idea forms. The purpose of this stage is only to check that the ideas proposed comply with the aspects of this Regulation.

If a group of young people is not sure whether their proposed idea meets these criteria or not, we recommend contacting the facilitators directly before the deadline for submission of forms.

2.5 Public decision (vote)

The proposed ideas will be put to a public vote by the citizens of Cluj-Napoca. Eligible voters are those who declare on their own responsibility that they live, work or study in Cluj-Napoca and are at least 14 years old. The voting system will be accessible online at

Voting will take place exclusively online during the period mentioned under Stages and timetable. Special information on the voting process and mechanism will be provided prior to the voting mechanism. In special cases the timetable may be subject to changes announced in advance.

An idea must have a minimum of 50 votes to be eligible for the award (except for the special category of young people with fewer opportunities). The awards will be made after the voting phase has been completed, based on meeting the minimum number of votes, in descending order of the number of votes and the places allocated to the special categories.


The groups of young people who proposed ideas are also the ones implementing the proposed activity. The ideas selected through this participatory process will be implemented between 4 October and 30 November. PONT Group is the entity that provides the legal framework for the implementation of the ideas selected through this participatory process. The implementation of the ideas is materialised through the following process:

  • The legal form of funding is the award.
  • The award of the prize shall be made after the signing of a contract in which the parties agree on the expenses to be incurred under the plan of activities set out in the annex to the contract.
  • PONT Group will provide the awarding of the ideas from its own resources and financial resources related to the project through the funding of the Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Local Council and the co-funding of the Romanian Commercial Bank.
  • Prizes will be paid by PONT Group to the bank account of the eligible beneficiary (youth group representative), with a payment order, after signing the award contracts.
  • The implementation of the proposed idea within Com'ON Cluj-Napoca 2024 falls under the responsibility of the youth group through its official representative. During implementation, each informal group will take into account the visual aspects to be respected, both in online communication and communication through printed materials and on-site visibility. PONT Group will provide assistance through a special communication guide.
  • The informal group will produce a narrative report on the implemented idea describing the idea according to a report template, attaching a documentation of the activities through pictures, possible online and press presence. PONT Group will accept it as such or request additions to the report.

The registration of a group of young people and an idea in the selection process implies the unreserved acceptance of the terms of these rules and the registration of personal data in the database of the Organiser, in compliance with the legal conditions in force.

Personal data will be collected and processed by Grupul PONT / PONT Csoport / PONT Group Association. Personal data are processed in order to establish the identity of the person, to establish the legal framework and to verify the eligibility of the person to participate in a certain activity, to establish an easy and efficient way of communication. PONT Group undertakes not to disclose such data, unless the legislation in force obliges PONT to make such personal data available. Data subjects have the right to information, access to their data held by PONT Group, the right to intervene on the data (rectification, deletion), the right to object (withdrawal of consent, restriction of processing), the right not to be subject to automated decisions, the right to data portability and the right to take legal recourse. In order to exercise the rights granted to data subjects, they may address a written, dated and signed request to the e-mail address or to the correspondence address str. Horea nr. 5, ap. 7-8, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj. PONT Group undertakes to provide the information requested within a maximum of 15 days of receipt of the request.

PONT Group's general policy on the protection of personal data can be found at the following link:

More details on the Com'ON Cluj-Napoca participatory approach can be obtained:

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